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Halal Frontier Market Fund

The Halal Fund has launched two new funds in its fund range.

In the First Quarter of 2018, we will be investing in a large group of stocks based both in the US and Morocco. We entered precious metals and Oil Futures in 2017 and expect significant ROI for our fund holders. Contact us to find out how we work for you.


We only invest in companies that engage in Halal business practices. All companies in our Fund do not produce nor provide any sin products nor services. In other words, no banks, no insurance companies, no hotels or chains that serve alcohol. We research these companies and get to know the leaders at the helm on a first name basis. We believe that Leadership with integrity is the key to any successful enterprise and we have a proven track record of success that has made us the premier one stop solutions provider to a laundry list of global players. We very carefully screen stocks in our portfolios and immediately liquidate stocks which represent companies that deviate from our moral standards.

We will be announcing our official results at the end of the quarter and hope that we exceed our ambitious expectations by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Our clients are interested in earning healthy returns, but not at any cost. Our clients want ROI that brings positive change to the world and is congruent with a certain set of values.


Both frontier market funds will have a European share class with the default currency denominated in US dollars.

Morocco Halal FUND

10,000 DH bulk buy in

We understand that not all investors have Million dollar nest eggs, consequently, we have created a fund that is designed to cater to young investors and those that have just started their professional lives as well as more mature investors. If you are interested in buying into our fund, send a text message to + 1 387 7769 with your name, contact phone number and one of our investment specialists in Morocco/United States will contact you.

The Buy in is just 10,000 DH. This gets you 1 share in our New Morocco Halal Fund. In the United States our Fund buy in is $1000 USD. This Fund will see us put together a group of stocks from the Moroccan stock exchange/US exchange as well as Precious metals and Oil futures that have been specially researched by our world renown team of analysts.

Since this is a Halal fund, there is no guaranteed rate of ROI, however, we anticipate returns in the form of dividends and increase in share price to be in the 10 to 15 percent range. This is based upon intensive research and personal relationships established over the past three decades.

“There is a disconnect between the halal industry and Islamic financing, which is ironic since we’re working within the same religion, but are not talking to each other,” said Thomson Reuters head of Islamic finance (Asia) Rafiza Ghazali at a discussion on “Halal Economy” during the Islamic Financial Intelligence Summit.

She said in a study conducted by Reuters on 250 companies involved in halal production and with a combined market Capitalization of US$132bil, it found that only 50% of them passed the Aofi test, which meant that they are not shariah-complaint.

The Aofi test was a screening criteria used by Reuters to determine the shariah compliance of the stocks, she said.
“Why is it that they (companies in halal production) make sure their products can be consumed by Muslims, yet Muslims cannot invest in them?” 

We search for companies that provide services and products that do not bring shame to the Ummah, while keeping an eye on the bottom line. 

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